Modified Ocean Dancer Template

The Ocean Dancer Template by Tukang is one of the Top Rated Blogger templates at eblog templates. Personally I am curious why it is not among the Most Downloaded templates. But I would never wonder why it is top rated. With a couple of customizations, we can now use the modified Ocean Dancer Template for our tourism promotion blog.

Banners sized 468px X 60px can easily be placed above the posts. The 450px wide one-column and the two-column sidebars easily hold all small to medium-sized ad widgets, while retaining an un-cluttered look and feel. Thumbnails in the sidebar are 140px X 140px graphics and may be placed in the upper one-column sidebar side-by-side three at a time.

My own cutomizations include:

  1. Use of CSS menu in lieu of the original hardcoded one-level HTML unordered list. Credits go to CSS Play for great CSS menu design.
  2. Use of Google AdSense search form
  3. Minor tweaks for compatiblity with IE.
This modified template works perfectly with Firepox, IE, Opera and Safari.

Modified Ocean Dancer Blogger Template

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How to Boost Your Traffic and Profits with Content!

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School System Software by AVGTECH

This software has been revised three time since 1998, the year when it was one of the top 10 awardees in DOST's National Search for Product Excellence in Information Technology. First revision came in 2002 when the original MS Access front-end (backened database has always been SQL Server) was converted to Visual Studio interface and ran in .Net Famework 1.1. It was again revised in 2005 to leverage advances offered by .Net Framework 2.0. In the current version, continuous upgrade is done in Visual Studio 2008 with SQL Server 2005 as backend database and it targets .Net Framework 3.5. While presently the School System is mainly a desktop application running oer with LAN and WAN, its Web-based version is definitely next in line. Full coverage is described here.

The video below shows the common interface of the School System software.


WP Premium 3-tabbed Templates

WP Premium template comes in red, black and brown themes. This is a popular template because with its multi-level CSS menus and a tabber portion, it is ideal for bloggers with multiple contents to organize. A couple of weeks ago we introduced a modification by replacing the original LinkList menu with multi-level CSS menu. In this edition, we added one additional tab for your blog archive. This blog uses the WP Premium red version. You rarely see multi-tabbed

Blogger templates,
so here they are.

Red 3-Tabbed

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Black 3-Tabbed

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Brown 3-Tabbed

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