Address Verifier, a Data Quality Software from Anchor

Talking of Data Quality Software, I recently came across an interesting product that has huge future usability to me and other application developers. And what better way to keep track of it for easy reference than to blog about it?

The product is Address Verifier by Anchor Computer Software. It is a callable Application Programming Interface (API) that may be easily integrated to an application that requires address verification. The API uses the USPS ZIP+4® database and instantly verifies or corrects addresses. Applications that rely on accurate customer addresses like call center, batch processing or any web application are prospective beneficiaries of this API. Address Verifier provides the complete address of a target customer as soon you enter the zip code, house number and few characters of the street name.

To use the API, a developer needs to do some coding. This will not be a tough job because Anchor Software provides comprehensive documentation and installation instructions---in addition to Anchor's Live Support. Anchor customers also receive the latest version of the system and applications that uses the API get the latest monthly updates to the USPS ZIP+4® database.