Create Your Free Professional Online Surveys

If you have been a blogger for quite sometime and has gained a sizable readership, you may feel the urge to know the profile of your visitors. You can turn on the built-in comments, feedback and survey features and get basic interactivity. But if you have a product or service to sell online and you like to fine-tune your sales and promotion campaigns, you may need more robust and heavy-duty website with more sophisticated features.

Online surveys are indispensable if you like to gather data from your prospective clients. To add prestige and credibility to your website, your online survey feature should look professional. To start off, you can open a free account at LimeService and try and explore its online survey service. LimeService has every online survey tool you will need to create your own professional online surveys that you can easily integrate to your website.

After you create your own account you are automatically given 10 Megabytes of bandwidth. This will be good for a 20-question survey with 100 respondents. If this is all that you require, your LimeService subscription remains free. At the end of every month your bandwidth quota gets stocked up to 10 Megabytes.

Creating your online survey is wizard based and there are many editable templates you can choose from. LimeService online survey service supports 49 languages. You may create survey groups and on the security side, you can specify survey users. A built-in CAPTCHA is an additional login or registration feature. You may also import existing surveys that are saved as csv or sql file. All your surveys are saved in a SQL database that you can easily back up

Of course as your needs increase and you expect to receive thousands of survey respondents, you can upgrade to LimeService's paid subscription. Pricing is on per-use basis, graduated by bandwidth usage.


Adobe Photoshop: "Scratch Disk is full" Error Solved

When you open or create a file in Adobe Photoshop, you may encounter an error that says "Scratch Disk is full."

The solution is easy.

Specify one or more hard drive partitions that have enough free space--approximately three to five times the file size of the largest image and at least ten times the size of the largest bitmap-mode image--as scratch disks. Don't specify a network drive or removable media such as a Zip or JAZ drive. Photoshop 6.x can create 200 GB of scratch disk files on up to four hard disk partitions; Photoshop 7.0 can create an unlimited number of scratch disk files, limited only by hard disk space.

To set the Scratch Disk preference:

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences > Plug-Ins & Scratch Disks.
  2. Choose the drive that has the most free space from the First pop-up menu.
  3. Choose a second, third, or fourth drive, if available, from the Second, Third, or Fourth pop-up menus.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Restart Photoshop.


Build Your Own Website in 10 Minutes

Newbies may find building a website a daunting task. To start off you have to buy a domain name and register for web hosting. Then you have to setup your domain name to point to your nameservers. After your domain name gets propagated through the whole Internet, which can take up to 48 hours, you can start uploading your files. To manage your web files and directories, your web host will provide you a web control panel, for example, cPanel, which is not really a breeze to master. Your web host will support you up to a certain level. But for the most part, you will be on your own. Creating your web files and scripts is another story. Optimizing your website for search engines is another job you have to do to make your site visible in the Web. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a sub-specialization in itself. So is website design.

If you like to create your own website but your skill has not gone beyond basic use of computer and leisurely web surfing, you can visit BuildYourSite.com and build your own website. This web-based suite allows you to single-handedly create, build and customize your website in ten minutes.

For $9.95 monthly subscription, you will get everything you need to start off. You will have free domain name and web hosting. The wizard-based SiteBuilderPro enables you to create and publish your web pages. As you master SiteBuilderPro, you can create more advanced web sites like e-commerce site, web form site or photo album site. A search engine submission utility gives you a kick-start in promoting your web site. Of course you need to do more to fully promote your web site but this is a good start. A built-in web traffic statistics allows you to see the progress in your web site promotion campaign.

In addition, BuildYourSite.com gives you extra goodies like 23GB disk space, unlimited e-mail accounts and 24/7 customer support .

You may try the service now or you may view the design gallery of over 4000 web designs.


Conference Group Brings Web Conferencing To Higher Level

For ordinary communication, telephones and e-mails and ordinary postal services will not go away as yet. Free online services like YM and Skype have given us the feel of Web-based chat, audio conferencing, video conferencing and are enjoyed by millions. These services will likely improve over time and will be mainstays for ordinary needs.

On the high-end, Conference Group offers paid services for your web conferencing, audio conferencing and video conferencing needs. The target users are people and companies who need to be in constant communication with employees, partners and clients For this clientele category, the fee is really just worth it.

Through the ReadyShow® Web Conferencing service, online communication among several participants accross states, countries and continents comes close to live personal conversation. Without downloading files, you easily present your Word documents, Excel documents and Powerpoint presentation to the participants . You can easily share documents, your desktop and application. Multiple presenters as well as control passing features are also supported.

Interactivity is further enhanced by hand raising feature, the equivalent of raising your hand when you like to weigh in the conversation. Hand raises are tallied. Custom Polls may be designed, executed,summarized and presented. Smart scrolling allows the participants to be literally on the same page as the presenter.

Conference Group's audio conferencing is more than the old conference call. You can tailor your features depending om your needs.Options include international toll free telephone, digital recording and playback and transcription, among others. A telephone operator is on hand to assist and may be valuable side-service to new users. As in ReadyShow® Web Conferencing, you can customize combination of features.

Key word in Conference Group's conferencing services is "quality"---quality video, quality audio and quality experience---and running on robust infrastructure for reliability.