Spruce Up Your Blog with Picture Collage

Picasa is a light-weight graphic application that Google offers as a free download. Picture collage creation is one of its coolest features.

How do we produce these effects? Incredibly easy. Moments after you install Picasa, it will find all the pictures, and some supported video files too, in your hard drives and immediate network, including long lost pictures whose locations you have lost track of long ago. The pictures shall be organized in folders for your effortless access. In Picasa's application interface, CTRL + select the pictures you like to include then click Picture Collage from Picasa's Create menu. You will immediately see the preview of your collage. When satisfied with your creation, save the composite picture as graphic file.

You may select from any of the four options for your final collage output: picture pile, picture grid, contact sheet and multi-exposure. You may choose white, gray or black for background color of your collage, or you may set the farthest picture as your background graphic.

Download your free Picasa here to explore its other features. Very soon you will start posting professional-looking graphics to spruce up your blog.


Web Service Factory Video Tutorial

Kurt Claeys shows how to use the Web Service Software Factory in Visual Studio.The Web Service Software Factory (also known as the Service Factory) is an integrated collection of tools, patterns, source code and prescriptive guidance. It is designed to help you quickly and consistently construct WCF and ASMX Web services that adhere to well known architecture and design patterns

Video Link: Walkthrough of the Web Service Software Factory


SeeControl's Affordable, Online Inventory & Asset Management Software

Being a windows form programmer, who works in client-server or WAN based computing environment, I get fascinated by software products that leverage Web technologies --browsers, light client and all that. Software customization is the norm in my field unlike in the world of Web-based application where user-customization is done to a minumum and turnkey is the byword.

SeeControl is an application service provider. In its promotional pitch, SeeControl alternately describes its products and services as On-Demand or Software-as-a-Service(SaaS). There are fine-grained technical differences between the terms, which we will not discuss in details. Whatever their product is called, SeeControl offers web-native software application that clients use from his PC using a Web browser, a digital device like mobile phones, or barcode or Radio-frequency identification (RIFD) readers. The client pays not for software ownership but for the use of the software application. SaaS appeals most to clients who have big computing requirements but are not willing to spend for server computers, server software, and full-time datacenter personnel. SaaS applications are therefore designed to be affordable and entail lesser financial investment than licensed software and customized application. The SaaS vendor assumes the burden of hosting data, providing back-up and fail-over provisions, and product upgrades.

Every SeeControl's product revolves around a sophisticated asset/product identification system using barcode or RIFD tags and readers. This ID system collects the data and sends them to a central datacenter through the Web to provide the count, statistics, and whereabouts of asset and these are the source of data for reports that the client sees.

For the past days I have searched the Web for available information about its SeeControl's Affordable, Online Inventory & Asset Management Software. As a software developer I am interested in SeeControl's application interface. No luck so far in finding material on interface. You will find at the bottom of this post the only video I could download from SeeControl's Web site. It features a SeeControl workspace rather than an application interface.

How affordable is it? I still await SeeControl's response. When queried on pricing as well as on how they secure client's data, SeeControl, through Michael Harper, sent back this e-mail:

Better if we answer your questions live. When are you available?

Until I talk personally with Michael Harper, I will not be able to offer any pricing information. In addition, I still have to know how SeeControl addresses clients' concern about the security of their data while in the hands of the SaaS vendor. What if their data fall in the hand of their competitors? Informations on suppliers, clients, product costs are valuable trade secrets, never to be shared with the whole world. More on this in my next post.


Privacy Policy

Here at Drandyvgimpaya.blogspot.com , the privacy of my visitors are very important. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information that we receive and how this important data is used.
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WP Premium Blogger Templates

Like to download free blogger templates? This blog uses a modified WP Premium red template. This is an original Wordpress Theme by R.Bhavesh and converted for Blogger by the same author. My own modifications include a purely CSS multi-level dropdown menu. This modified template works perfect in Mozilla Firefox, IE6,Opera and Apple Safari browsers.
Download this template

Click here to see a live demo of the black version of this WP Premium Blogger Template with black header and built-in subscription form.

Download Template

This other WP Premium black version has plain black header.

Download Template

Click here to see a fully functional blog using the WP Premium Blogger Black Template.

Download Template

Steps in installing WP Premium templates.

  1. Go to Edit HTML
  2. Back up your original template (Download full Template)
  3. Browse for the new template then click Upload
  4. If asked to delete a list of widgets, click Confirm and Save
  5. Click Save Template
  6. After a successful Save, it is better to remove all widgets below Ads widget. Do not delete the Ads widget. Click Save Template then reconstruct your previous widgets, including link lists, feeds, recent comments, etc. Your template back up xml comes handy if you have to copy/paste some scripts or html back to your new template. (You may open your xml back up in Excel or notepad). Do not worry if blogger experiences hiccups when saving. Close then open blogger until you make a successful save.
  7. Be sure to create a widget and drag it right below the Ads widget so that the 3 graphic frames become visible (I usually put there my Recent Posts, a feed widget of my own RSS Feeds.
  8. To reconstruct the CSS Menu you have to edit the HTML. Click Expand Widget Templates and edit the ul class below div id= crosscol-wrapper . Replace all the http links with your own urls.


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