Upstart Social Network to Share Revenue With Members

The Beta stage is almost over and it's not only free membership that you get. Upstart social network, ZenZuu, pays you to sign-up your friends and it also promises to share 80% of its advertising revenue with its members.

Scour the Internet and you will find only one social network that pays its members to get sign-ups. ZenZuu promises to be a next generation social networking platform and calls others ancient. Just like in MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster, LinkedIn and others, your also create your own profile and get exposure for your website and business. The difference is that ZenZuu pays you for signing up your friends, who automatically become your downlines. This may conjure pyramidal marketing schemes with variable successes (or failures) in the past. But here you do not lose money. The idea is to make money while you make friends, going by ZenZuu's motto: Make Friends. Make Money. Make Sense.

As additional flavor, ZenZuu even offers to share 80% of its advertising revenue with its members. If you suspect that the big social networks produce tons of money for their stockholders, you are partly right. Front-runner MySpace has 270M members and still growing, producing millions of dollars in monthly revenue. Facebook is far second with 60M but is expected to have 200M by the end of this year. Facebook's founder, another Harvard dropout, recently sold a small part of the company for 240M. He is now worth $3B on paper. ZenZuu's owner is worth a little over $100M, but in his drive to join the ranks of the billionaires he likes ZenZuu's members to be happy as well. We will be watching how far this rather aggressive marketing innovation goes. ZenZuu.com's Google PageRank and Alexa ranking are shooting up really fast, even while in Beta testing. These are the website indicators that advertisers watch before they spend millions just to showcase their products and services. We expect ZenZuu to launch with a bang in a few weeks.

Sounds like ZenZuu has raised the bar in this trillion-dollar business. If others follow its example, social networkers will be elated. Who would mind receiving regular paychecks from MySpace or Facebook or Friendster?

ZenZuu sign-up here.